How to Bet Smart at a Sportsbook


You can bet on many different sports at a sportsbook. The biggest draw to sports betting is basketball, so you can bet on the finals. The second most popular sport is baseball, which is no longer the top sport in the country, but still draws a large number of bets. Hockey has a loyal following, and the playoffs for the Stanley Cup draw even more bets. The first two are probably the most popular choices, but you can always make smart choices.

Online sportsbooks

New York state has recently signaled that it is willing to approve mobile wagering, but it is still faced with a budget deficit of billions of dollars. The governor’s support for the sport betting industry has come amid criticism that the state’s high tax rates are a deterrent to providing the best customer experience. In addition, Cuomo indicated his desire for the lottery-based model, which would favor a few operators. While this may work in the short-term, it is not necessarily best for customers, since it would discourage sportsbooks from providing the best possible experience.

Over/under bets

When placing bets on sports games, you’ll often find that there is an over/under market for individual players. These are available for just about every sport, from basketball to soccer to baseball. The over/under line is an important part of many sports wagering systems because it gives bettors more flexibility in their wagering decisions. The over/under is typically the total number of points scored during a game.


If you’ve ever wanted to bet like a sharp, you probably know someone who does. Sharps are high rollers who spend a lot of time pouring over the numbers. They create models to predict sportsbook odds, compare them to one another, and get down on big discrepancies. As a result, sharps tend to bet more money than your average Joe. Sportsbooks also keep tabs on sharps’ betting activity.


If you are a sports bettor, you’ve probably heard of sharps, the opposite of squares. These people have no use for data or analysis, but instead rely on intuition and luck to make good decisions. Sharps know that oddsmakers will not give these people openings, but they’re still the most successful bettors. They make more accurate predictions and bet more often than the “squares.”

Betting exchanges

A betting exchange is a marketplace for sports bettors to trade odds. Like the stock market, betting exchanges allow users to back and lay outcomes of events. Traders must correctly predict market movement in order to maximize profits, reduce exposure, and cancel a matched bet. Some exchanges even have a cash out button that users can use to make a bet. However, this option is limited to certain sports and events. It also comes with an extra margin.